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Sign 5-25 Extra Cases Per Month

The Case Engine System Offers Aggressive PI Firms:

- Live Transfer MVA Leads

- 7 Days from starting

- And for years into the future

Case Engine gets you CASES, not just leads.

We do this by assisting the victim BEFORE they look for an attorney online.

We Guarantee you have never seen anything like it. AND you will sign cases or its free until you do*

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The Case Engine System Works

“Case Engine is sending me quality cases every single day”

  • Ferguson Law Group

“This is the best lead generation system we have ever used”

  • MVP Accident Attorneys

“This is our secret sauce to growing our firm”

  • The Wolf of Law Street

PI Lawyers, have you ever found a lead generation company that consistently works to sign high value MVA cases?

The answer is probably not, and that is why you are here.

Without any fluff or fancy sales tactics, here is how we get you more MVA cases in 7 Days…

How it Works

Advertising & Organic Website Information

Victim Requests Assistance

USA In-house Call Center Qualifies

Live Transfer To Your Law Firm

Is that it? Yes.

The fundamentals are all we do.

We help people who have recently been injured in an accident, not at fault, don’t have representation, and they are seeking your legal consultation. We vet all these victims through our highly trained in-house call center.

The results?

30-40% Conversion.

In plain English, you sign up nearly half of the live transfers we send to you.

That is 4x the industry average.

Say goodbye to…

Wasted TIME following up with bad leads (costing you 10’s of thousands of dollars a year on intake staff chasing web leads) & wasting MONEY on lead generation that just doesn’t work.

BUT, what does your firm need to do?

Shoot, edit and post fancy videos about the law??

Write a 1000 blogs??

Spend a fortune on ads or SEO in hopes of a ROI eventually??

None of it.


Except answer the phones when Case Engine Calls.

We have the proven system ready to go in 7 days.

It’s as simple as that.

Probably why our clients have 3-5x’d their spend with us since starting

Best part? Its exclusive and only one firm per state or major metro. No zip code BS. Most of our firms cover 2-20 million+ in population…

Case Engine wants to grow with you, not just take your money and send crap leads like you are used to.

If you are ready for consistent, qualified live transfer MVA leads – Fill out this survey to get started.

The Company

The Problem We Solve:

A legit, consistent, and scalable way for Personal Injury Law firms to sign MVA cases.

Our Mission:

Case Engine provides high-value, consistent cases to personal injury attorneys in 7 days from partnering to years into the future.

Our Values:

  • Hold ourselves and clients accountable for success. We track every lead from A-Z (from inquiry to sign up) so we know where to improve.
  • Brutally Honest & Accurate Data. We know the numbers, and so do the firms we work with.
  • Never Ending Improvement. We are always reinvesting into our clients, team, and processes.

The Team

Cyle Patnode

Founder & Partner

Jake Karlen



Call Center Representative


Call Center Representative


Call Center Representative

A Word From Our Founder

For the last 4 years working with Personal Injury Firms, all we have ever heard is that the lead generation vendors they have hired didn’t work… Ripped them off… & Wasted their time…

I’m sure you have been there. You heard the pitch and gave them a shot, even though you’ve been burned before…

When the time came for the service to produce, it was a complete bust, yet again.

Case Engine knows a lot of these other lead providers… We sometimes see each other at conferences, events, and we even have friends that work there. What we know to be true is they care more about the their bottom line then anything. Which, no big deal if they are producing for you, but they aren’t. And the integrity is gone.

That is why…

...We developed our own unique, MVA lead generation solution that hand delivers qualified victims over to your firm live on the phone.

Our current partners (who you can ask for yourself) spend upwards of 100-300% more with us after the first two months… Why? Because it actually works.

This is also the reason we are getting referred into some of the most well known PI firms in the country.

To top if off, we actually only partner with one firm per state (if that firm can handle the volume).

No gimmicks, fluff, or bs. Just signed cases we track with your firm from A-Z.

Get on a call with us, and I guarantee you haven’t seen anything like it.

Cyle Patnode


Not Interested in Paid Lead Generation?

No Problem.

Half of our clients prefer to sign new cases through NO paid advertising… Generating upwards of 50-200 calls per month organically.

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