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Case Engine is a digital marketing agency focusing on enhancing online visibility and customer acquisition for businesses.

At Case Engine, a premier digital marketing agency, we excel in elevating businesses to become the most noticeable and highly-rated entities within their local domains, employing a myriad of digital marketing strategies to achieve this objective. Our core mission at Case Engine revolves around the development of a robust and enduring customer acquisition system that guarantees long-term success and a commanding online presence. Our expertise at Case Engine is deeply rooted in navigating the competitive digital landscape, with a particular knack for optimizing cost-effective customer engagements for companies seeking to scale efficiently.Our team at Case Engine comprises seasoned digital marketing professionals with extensive industry knowledge. We specialize exclusively at Case Engine in harnessing the full potential of digital marketing to deliver unmatched results. Our vision at Case Engine is to transform the digital marketing sector through the innovative use of technology, the cultivation of significant relationships, and the delivery of tangible outcomes that redefine industry standards.Our Comprehensive Digital Marketing Services at Case Engine Include:Google Maps SEO: At Case Engine, we ensure your company stands out on Google Maps, significantly enhancing your visibility and lowering the cost of acquiring new customers. This strategy prevents your competitors from capturing your potential clientele.Organic Website SEO: Our expert strategies at Case Engine in local and national SEO empower your online presence, allowing for strategic expansion. We tailor our approaches to match your growth ambitions, turning your website into a potent tool for customer acquisition.Reputation Management: Utilize our state-of-the-art system at Case Engine to accumulate numerous positive reviews effortlessly, reinforcing your online reputation. This continuous flow of favorable feedback is vital for building customer trust.Website Development & Content Writing: We craft visually compelling, high-conversion websites at Case Engine that reflect your brand’s identity and are optimized for higher search rankings, employing proven design and content strategies.Data & Analytics Tracking: Gain insights with detailed analytics and performance reports at Case Engine, provided through video recordings and consultations, keeping you informed about your online footprint and growth.Local Service Ads: Enhance lead generation with targeted ads at Case Engine, allowing you to pay per qualified lead and secure a dominant position in search results, thus increasing your conversion rate.AI Chatbot: Leverage advanced AI technology with a chatbot customized for your needs at Case Engine, providing instant responses and booking capabilities to improve customer interaction.Retargeting Campaign: Implement strategic retargeting at Case Engine to ensure your brand remains top-of-mind for potential customers after they visit your website, optimizing your advertising efforts and visibility.Digital Marketing & Intake Consulting: Benefit from our vast experience at Case Engine in managing customer leads and collaborating with top-tier businesses. We offer expert advice to navigate the digital marketing landscape successfully.Customer Lead Generation: For businesses targeting high-value engagements, we provide an exclusive service at Case Engine that delivers pre-qualified leads directly to you, ensuring a steady influx of valuable customer interactions.At Case Engine, our goal is to lead a revolution in the digital marketing industry, offering a system that not only accelerates growth but also incorporates technological advancements, meaningful connections, and verifiable success. Our suite of services at Case Engine is designed to cover every aspect of digital marketing and customer acquisition, ensuring your business not only achieves but maintains its status as the premier choice in your field.



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Of clicks to local businesses are driven by Google Map results

Amaro Law Firm: 149% YoY increase in website clicks from Google maps business profile


Of consumers trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations

MVP Accident Attorneys:
+250 5 Star reviews in 60 days
+1387% increase in visitors to website YoY


of people looking for local business use searches

Lem Garcia Law increases phone calls from Google Business Profile by 124% YoY

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We help aggressive personal injury firms grow their business with inbound lead generation & AI tracking.

Our team of experienced legal marketing professionals has a deep understanding of the industry and knows what it takes to win in the most competitive markets. Personal Injury Marketing is all we do*


At Case Engine, our mission is to empower law firms by creating a sustainable client acquisition system that will endure for decades to come, while also cultivating a stellar reputation within their market.


At Case Engine, we aspire to become the company that harnesses the power of technology, nurtures meaningful relationships, and delivers actual results to revolutionize the legal marketing industry.

founder and partners

Having spent my entire professional career working with law firms, I can confidently say that I have never come across a marketing system quite like the one we offer at Case Engine. It's a game-changer that delivers results beyond compare.

Jake Karlen - Partner

founder and partners

Our clients stick with us for multiple years because we build strong friendships and help them succeed, plain and simple. They keep growing, and so do we.

Cyle Patnode - Founder & CEO


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Google Reviews

"Case Engine is by far the best SEO/Digital Marketing company I have ever worked with. Not only do they deliver on their promises and deliver great results, but they are also the only company I can consider a true partner. They feel like true family. Jake and Cyle are the absolute best to work with. I would recommend to anyone!!!!"

Brett Sachs

Founder - MVP Accident Attorneys

"I've spent over 15 years in the personal injury world, have managed Intake and Marketing for a few companies, and have worked with a lot of outside vendors (Most of them are not reliable). California is one of the most challenging, if not the most challenging, markets for personal injury. Cyle and Jake have distinguished themselves by consistently delivering on our goals. Throughout our collaboration, they have maintained honesty and transparency. They not only put in the effort, but they also provide detailed reports and achieve tangible results. Thank you both, and your team! We are excited to see the continued success planned out!"

Brett Bergener

Director of Business Development

"Case Engine is fantastic. I have a law firm in California and they do an amazing job handling our website and SEO. All digital marketing agencies will tell you that good SEO takes time, but Case Engine actually delivers what they promise. If you want to rank #1, they will get you there. I have worked with other agencies in the past and it is clear that the guys at Case Engine are the best at what they do. SEO algorithms change all the time and you need to be on top of it to stay in competition. Thankfully Case Engine is ahead of the game and they do what it takes to get you to the top - consistently."

Lemuel Garcia

Founder - Lem Garcia Law

"I can't say enough good things about Case Engine. Their expertise in SEO has transformed our online presence. Our website's traffic and rankings have improved significantly since partnering with them. The team is responsive, knowledgeable, and goes above and beyond to deliver results. If you're looking to boost your online visibility, CaseEngine is the way to go!"

Friedland Law

Friedland Law Offices

"We've been working with Case Engine now for almost six months. We haven't had much luck from other lead providers when it comes to the Live Call Transfers in the past but Case Engine's Live Call Transfer process and Live Lead quality are some of the best I've seen in the almost 7 years I've been running the marketing for our firm. The team over at Case Engine are honest, trustworthy and deliver excellent leads at a fair cost. That's difficult to find now days with all of the resold stale leads from affiliate marketers. I would highly recommend Case Engine to any firm looking to add cases to their docket each month. These guys deliver. Note: I've never felt compelled to leave a Google review for a lead provider so that in itself is a testament to what they doing over at Case Engine."

Sean Schmitt

Stuart Guss, Attorney At Law

"I got to chance to work with the Case Engine team for the better part of this year and I can say "They Get It !"... They understand what it means to run a business, they listen, they deliver and they are very attentive to details! It was surely a pleasure to have met both Jakes and Cyle and very much enjoyed the professionalism and the knowledge they bring to the business and the relationship! Great work Case Engine and keep it up !!!"

Dany Sfeir


"Highly recommend. In terms of digital services for your business, Case Engine is top notch and stand behind the products they offer. Everything they committed to doing they did. I used them for SEO, organic, lead gen, they created and optimized my website and helped managed my GMB profile. They know their stuff and are worth their weight in gold"

Aaron Siddique

The Wolf of Law Street

"Case Engine has done a great job helping with my firm's digital marketing. Cyle and Jake are extremely knowledgeable and responsive to my questions and concerns. If you need help with digital marketing, call Case Engine for help."

Mark Fellman

Fellman Law Offices

"We've been working the the Case Engine team for several years and we've seen verifiable results! They provide clear communication, reporting, and are very knowledgeable in how to improve results in a systematic strategy. Their team is trustworthy and a joy to work with on our projects!"

James Amaro


"Case Engine is always professional & responsive. They have consistently hit the projected targets they laid out for our firm & we are actually looking at potentially growing our scope of work with them in the near future. It's rare to find people you trust in the marketing world, but these guys deliver on communication & results."

David Miller

Managing Attorney

"Absolutely amazing to work with. Very hardworking and dedicated."

Jason Ferguson


"I deal mainly with Jake and Cyle and they have done everything that they said they would do for a fair price. They have delivered results but it is a process that takes time that I am willing to take."

TJ Smith

Founder - T.J. Smith, Attorney at Law


Objective: Dominate the California market for MVA cases using the Case Engine System

MVP Accident Attorneys

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Per Signed MVA case

Case Engine & MVP meeting weekly to track every dollar spent and the ROI.


More Phone Calls

Calls made from Google Business Profile (QTR over QTR: Feb-May 2023 vs Nov-Feb 2022)


Page 1 Rankings

% of MVA keywords tracked across the website on page 1 of Google (6-month timeline for results)


1 Million Impressions

Additional impressions from MVA keywords ranking on page 1 of Google (QTR over QTR: Feb-May 2023 vs Nov-Feb 2022)


We offer a proven system powered by a team of legal marketing experts and Proprietary Technology to grow law firms quickly.


Google Maps SEO

Dominate the online legal landscape with prime Google Maps placements, offering unbeatable cost-per-acquisition rates for new cases. Don't let your competition steal your potential clients


Organic Website SEO

Take charge of your digital presence with our expert local and multi-state ranking strategies, tailored to your desired level of expansion. Your website is your ultimate tool for growth.


Reputation Management

Effortlessly collect hundreds of 5-star reviews every month with our cutting-edge Review System, ensuring a steady stream of positive feedback for your law firm without lifting a finger.


Website Development & Content Writing

Craft a stunning, high-converting website that reflects your brand and ranks well with our expert design and development team. We build websites that work, based on proven principles.


Data & Analytics Tracking

Stay informed with our comprehensive monthly analytics and results reports, delivered through video recordings and calls to keep you updated on your firm's online performance.


Local Service Ads

Boost lead generation with our Local Service Ads for law firms, designed to secure signed cases quickly. Pay Google per lead after qualification and dominate the first-page search results.


AI Chatbot

Harness the power of AI to train language models tailored to your niche and firm, offering instant answers and appointment booking capabilities for your clients. Embrace the future of legal technology.


Retargeting Campaign

Stay top-of-mind for potential clients through strategic online retargeting, ensuring your firm is "everywhere" they look after visiting your website. There's no more cost-effective way to advertise!


Legal Marketing & Intake Consulting

Benefit from our extensive experience working with over 25,000 phone leads, and top-tier law firms nationwide. We know the challenges you face and are committed to helping you overcome them.


Personal Injury Lead Generation

For elite personal injury firms, our exclusive MVA lead generation service offers pre-qualified, live-transferred accident victims directly to your office during business hours, ensuring a steady stream of high-value cases.